Exotic Jewel F1 Hybrid

  • Green-yellow hybrid tomato
  • Conical medium-sized fruit
  • Indeterminate, strong growth potential, good plant type, upturned sepals
  • Soft fruit and sour and sweet taste
  • Good resistance to TYLC and root knot nematode disease/li>
  • Suitable for planting in protected areas of high-end ecological parks

Red Beauty F1 Hybrid

  • Red hybrid tomato, medium early maturity, indeterminate, strong growth potential
  • Beautiful plant, dark green leaves, round fruit, bright color, even and flat sepals
  • 5-7 fruit sets per cluster, 220-260g single fruit weight, high rate of high-quality fruit, good hardness and strong continuous fruit setting ability
  • Good resistance to tm2a, TYLCV, MI1, and Cf9 leaf mold
  • Suitable for spring and autumn and overwintering protected field or open field planting

Ivory Charm F1 Hybrid

  • Firm and solid white hybrid tomato
  • Indeterminate, beautiful plant, round fruit, beautiful sepals
  • 4-6 fruits per cluster with average single fruit weighing 150g, consistent fruit setting on the entire plant
  • Fruit appears brilliant white but turns red when approaching over maturity
  • Crisp, delicious, wonderful for salads or sliced up for fresh eating, ideal for high-end fresh markets