Our Commitment

As a socially responsible company, we exercise strict control of our sales system. We have six points of commitment for the protection of the interests of vegetable farmers and help reduce the risks they face.

1. All our distributors are required to only sell seeds to those who have conducted trials of them. All seeds should have been successfully tested before they are committed to planting and production.

2. The company welcomes growers to obtain sample seeds from our designated distributors and we recommend that you retain a small portion of the samples before conducting a trial so as to compare them with the commercial seeds purchased.

3. In the event of any doubt or question about the authenticity and quality of the seeds sold by GPS, timely inquiry should be made to verify and address the issue. The testing of the germination rate should be conducted within 15 working days of the receipt of the seed. If no rejection or question is raised within 15 working days, GPS shall consider that the germination rate as qualified and shall assume no further responsibility.

4. In view of the complexity of seed planting, GPS shall assume no liability for the damage caused by changes in weather, quality of soil and inappropriate use of water and fertilizer to the customers who fail to perform trial planting. For damages resulting from the seeds themselves, GPS shall not assume responsibility for any amount greater than price of the seeds in accordance to the international practice.

5. All the technical information about planting and growing of seeds contained in GPS's publicity, advertising, labeling, product descriptions is based on particular geographical and climatic conditions which is meant only as reference for growers and shall not be construed as guidelines for planting and growing them or as a guarantee or warranty of quality or a basis of litigation.

6. GPS does not engage in retail sales, but only markets and sells seeds through its network of appointed regional distributors.