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Sweet Pepper 2302
Green to dark red coloring and a blocky bell shape with 4 lobes with a 1:1 ratio size and thick walls.
TmV, PvY & BLS 1, 2 & 3. Features
Compact plant with strong stem attachment that resists breaking apart; prolific producer; excellent for the fresh market; mid early to mid season maturity.

Sweet Pepper 2303
Green to bright yellow coloring and a blocky bell shape.
A hybrid, sweet, blocky bell pepper with a strong plant and good stem attachment that helps resist harvest damage. This hybrid bell variety is a strong producer. 4 lobes with a 1.0>1.25:1.0 ratio with thick walls and flesh that is both moist and sweet

Sweet Pepper 2301
Large rectangle, fruit weight 450-500 grams.
Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Features
Three to four lobes, high yielding; has a very thick wall of flesh, large fruit and heavy weight; main season planting; a favorite of the consumers and growers alike.